Australis Haul!!

Hey Everyone

Recently I made an order off and got some great deals from Australis. The total cost was $24.95 and an extra $10.00 for postage, it was crazy how cheap everything was! I just had to try it out :) Be sure to sign up with Ozsale so you can get alerts about amazing deals on fashion, accessories and beauty everyday. Hope you enjoy!

 First I got 2 Paparazzi Perfect Eyeshadows in - Snap Attack (on the left) and A-Lister Sista (on the right).
Then I got some gorgeous blushes - 2 creme colours and 1 powder. From left to right Flirtatious Pink (Crème) and Glamour (powder) and Dusty Rose (Crème).
I also got 2 new brushes - 1 Mineral Eyeshadow Contouring Brush and 1 Eyeshadow Brush.
And finally I got a Curve Ink Eyeliner in black.

That’s all for this Australis Haul! Please leave a comment if you would like me to review any of these products. Thanks checking out my post, please follow me on bloglovin' and twitter (links on the side bar).

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  1. Ohh wow, what a deal for all those products you got. I wasn't too keen about buying things on OzSale but thanks to you, it seems like legit :) the eye-liner looks pretty cool! Thanks for sharing :)
    Natalie xx

    1. I know it turned out to be like 3.00 per item! Yeh if purchased from them before I reckon their products are legit! You should try them out and tell me what you think? xx

  2. I haven't seen these products before looks great and great value!!

  3. Yeah there only available in Australia and New Zealand! But there not usually this cheap usually about triple the price x

  4. Hi! New follower =) I remember seeing this sale but restrained myself! Those blushes look really nice!
    xxx Kat @ Katness

  5. Oh Welcome! thanks for following! Yeah I'm really liking them, however the powder blush I got has a little too much shimmer :) x

  6. Those blushes look gorgeous! Australis products are really good for the price x

    1. Yeah they are surprisingly really good for the price - they are soo soft! x


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