February Faves!

Hey Guys!

I missed posting and so I thought I'd get back into it by doing my February Faves! This past month I haven't bought many new products but I have been rediscovering some from my stash. Be sure to comment if you've tried any of these products and also comment your faves for feb. Enjoy!

Beauty Faves

1. Lola by Marc Jacobs

      I just love this perfume cause I can wear it day or night. It has a unique scent with that is florally   as well as spicy and sophisticated. I use about 3 sprays each wear - any less and it won't last on my skin well.

2. Benefits Gift Set - Groovy Kind of Love

     I brought this set at the boxing day sales in December and I just love how wearable all the items in the set are! I especially love the eye shadows - they are amazing. Definitely some of the best shadows I have ever used! They are also great as they can be worn lighter in the day with mascara and then to go out at night, I just add some more sparkle and eyeliner and its the perfect neutral smoky eye.

3. Revlon Lip Butters

     These babies are my life saver, I just grab them as I walk out the door - they also live in my handbag! I have a range of colours, some bright others natural but I love them all! I cannot recommend them enough! If you haven't got one, please get some I promise they'll be your new make up staple! They are very creamy and moisturising with a nice colour pay off (but depends which one you buy as some are more pigmented then others).

So that's all for this post, hope you enjoyed it and got some ideas :)
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Love Ya,
BB xox



  1. The lip butters are a staple for me! Sooooo good!
    xxx Kat @ Katness

  2. I haven't tried any but I feel like I am missing out as they all look gorgeous. Not many benefit products I haven't tried so would definitely like to give them a go, and also the lip butters look lovely xxxx


    1. Yeah they are great, you should really check them out! Be sure to message me if you have any questions about them.

  3. hi,
    I came accross your page and just wanted to say I really like it :)

  4. Thanks so much :) I appreciate it!! But unfortunately I haven't had much time to post lately x


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