Be who you are, don't you ever change... how to embrace your individuality

Life can be unfair and so can others, I want to share how to get over your fears and just be yourself. Whether your self-conscious about your legs or unhappy with being 'different'. The things that worry us are not a disadvantage to ourselves, but what makes us individual. Everyone should be different and this individuality is what empowers us. Human's love to fit-in, which is normal, however, in modern society by doing this we repress our uniqueness which makes us special :)

If someone comments on something you've said, worn or done, don't apologise by saying "oh sorry I like it" or "yeah I do that sometimes" - just say "its who I am, it makes me, me." You never have to answer to the people who put you down. Don't ever feel embarrassed about who you are because what you may be unsure about yourself, someone will love or even be jealous of that quality.

The most important thing is to "own who you are with confidence". For example, if someone comments on you wearing make up everyday, and how its weird or you shouldn't -  just say "I like it, it gives me confidence and anything that gives me confidence and makes me feel better, is a good thing, right?" If you own who you are, people will inturn respect you for it. Being comfortable in your own shoes, is empowering and will empower you.

Also, why should you care what they think or say? If someone spends their time judging others it is commonly because they are too scared, to be who they truly are or want to be.

Don't conform to what others will like, because you have only one life and its important to live it how you want to! Don't waste it changing yourself or worrying about insecurities, embrace them.

I know its difficult to just change your way of thinking about yourself, but you can and by doing it - you will become who you are and want to be.

I hope this inspired or help someone. I have experienced times when I'm unsure and I know many of my friends do to, but its important to realise who you truly and forgot the rest. Anyways, thanks for checking out my post and please leave a comment on some of your tips or experiences ;)




  1. A very powerful message! Great post!


  2. This is a lovely post and just what I needed to read. Someone called me too fat to wear my outfit on Saturday and I was crushed, I have NEVER encountered such bullying before and I think that it really is about what makes you happy not everyone else xxx

    Blonde of carbs

    1. I'm so happy that this helped you in some way! I cannot believe someone said that too you! that's awful! you are definitely not fat!! keep wearing that outfit you love :) xx

  3. Very inspirational! I agree with everything you said. :)
    Yours Truly, NY


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