Over the past week I have been sick with a not so nice virus, which has left me in bed ridden. Yesterday was my 19th Birthday and I spent all day in bed, as my POTS, CFS and virus were playing up. Earlier in the week I made plans to have a big dinner at my house, however it was just going to be too much on me so I cancelled. Because of my health I've changed my plans a lot over the years and this birthday was no different. So instead, I had three of my closest friends over for dinner and it was perfect, just what I needed. Quality time with people who really cared about me and my wellbeing. Even when things get tough always remember IT IS POSSIBLE to have a good time and make great memories even though you're sick so remember to stay strong ❤️ . I feel in some ways although I have lost some friends since getting ill, it has really shown me the people who care and will always be there for me. I believe it is better to have quality friends over quantity. 



  1. Aw such lovely friends! And can absolutely understand how illness can show you who are your true friends. In a way it's a positive because it's so much better to have quality over quantity. Feel better soon love!
    Holly x |


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